Smart Communications System
NEC SL2100

NEC SL2100 features

Value for Money

Powerful communications with a small business price tag that allows you to pay only for what you need. Completely scalable as your business grows.

Keep Connected

Single number reach, mobile smart phone apps, built-in web based conferencing and unified messaging keeps colleagues and customers
up-to-date and connected.

Easy to Use

Intuitive applications and features your whole team can easily use to empower them to be more productive.

Safety First

Built-in apps like InGuard can be configured to help protect your business from melicious toll fraud attacks.


To assist in maintaining a positive customer experience and a high level of service, businesses today need to have workforce that are available and ‘on-demand’ from any location. A great customer experience usually generates repeat business.

SL2100 in Real Business

Small/Medium Organizations

Organizations of all types, including businessess for real estate, insurance, finance, banking, law, require robust communication tools ot serve their clients.

Small Hotels/Motels

Ensure your guests have a memorable stay by providing them access to personalized services that enhance their experience. 



NEC SL2100


NEC SL2100

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